Following a wonderful inspiration, the word and the symbol "Energieurkraft" were created. It can be applied in various ways to enhance well-being. 


Energies (natural forces) are unbound and free, originating from our solar system (Earth, planets, stars, etc.).
With the help of the "Energieurkraft" symbol, these positive and powerful forces can be harnessed for the benefit of all living beings. 

The Symbol

  • provides protection
  • restores balance - reinstating a healthy, natural order
  • energizes and neutralizes spaces, gardens, water, food, etc.
  • increases vitality
  • strengthens body, mind and soul
  • harmonizes all levels of the body with the subtle levels
  • alleviates or removes blockages
  • enhances overall well-being
  • etc.

how to use 

 Numerous applications are possible. Here are a few examples: 

stick it on or under

  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • food drawers
  • mobile phones
  • computers
  • electronic devices (for protection against unhealthy radiation "electrosmog")
  • dining tables
  • etc. 

use it as a coaster for

  • water container
  • water bottles
  • artist's colors
  • cleaning agents
  • detergents
  • medication
  • (pet) food containers
  • cosmetics
  • etc.

Wear it as an amulet


Depending on the color and material, the “Energieurkraft” symbol unfolds its own supportive energy


Women wear the symbol with the wavy line on the LEFT side
of their body


Men wear the symbol with the wavy line on the RIGHT side
of their body

Markus Pio instructs interested individuals in the use and application of the symbol. 

The use of the symbol requires conscious and careful handling. 

As with any energy work, a mindful and respectful approach is necessary. 
Furthermore, the use of this symbol does not replace medical treatment!