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Markus Pio Löffler

Many years before his birth, the universally beloved Saint Pio of Pietrelcina — the world-renowned healer and soul reader endowed with the gift of prophecy — foretold the arrival of a boy with special abilities in a detailed personal letter to the mother

This child is Markus Pio Löffler, whose middle name derives from the aforementioned connection to Padre Pio. 

 Statue of  Padre  Pio from Pietrelcina  
in the church in San Giovanni Rotondo 

Markus in Nepal 2020

to support the pupils

It quickly became apparent that Markus Pio was no ordinary boy. Early on, he began assisting friends and family members with energy blockages. 

Over the years, he mastered energy manipulation through daily practice, meditation, and training. He is not a healer but aims to provide guidance towards achieving energetic balance. 

Markus Pio resolves resistance through energy work, balances energies, and restores them to a healthy equilibrium.

Several years ago, Markus Pio began sharing his knowledge in training groups because he believes that the more people become conscious about managing energy and their health, the better. During this time, he also received the powerful symbol "Energieurkraft" in a vision, which he offers to people in various ways. 

"Son of Light" reward 2020 in Nepal

"Paul Harris Fellow" award in 2023

In 2018, a trip to Nepal unexpectedly opened up new horizons for him. There, he traversed treacherous jungle paths to reach one of the oldest villages, where artisans have been crafting singing bowls during full and new moons for centuries using ancient knowledge passed down through generations.

The family clan there swiftly recognized Markus Pio’s abilities. He aided them in reviving lost manufacturing techniques for the new moon singing bowls. In gratitude, Markus Pio was granted the privilege of bringing some of these unique singing bowls—once reserved solely for royalty and sacred temples in Nepal—back to Europe for himself and his students.

Incorporating the singing bowls into his energy work, they have since become a profound and integral aspect of his practice.

During his journey, Markus Pio witnessed widespread suffering and adversity. In collaboration with the Rotary Club Herzogenaurach, he initiated several projects to address these challenges. Through his global connections, Markus Pio facilitated access to education for thousands of children in Nepal, ensuring they had a safe place in school, adequate clothing, and the opportunity to learn. Additionally, he fervently advocates for the protection of at-risk young girls and women, working on projects aimed at safeguarding them from human trafficking and sexual violence. With ongoing efforts, Markus Pio strives to secure a brighter and safer future for these threatened individuals, while also planning new aid projects to further his mission.

For his achievements and tireless dedication, he was honored with the esteemed title "Son of Light," a prestigious accolade in Asia, and the "Paul Harris Fellow" award from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.