Singing bowls

Singing bowls have their origins in the Far East. They have been meticulously crafted in the greater Himalayan region and Tibet for centuries.

To this day, various family clans continue to create singing bowls using strictly guarded techniques and metal recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Each of these special bowls is made from up to seven different metals, hand-beaten over fire into a perfect shape.

The phase of the moon and the purity of the metals used play a significant role

"Each individual singing bowl is a unique piece, 
producing sounds of the highest quality and purity."

Son of light


Markus Pio brought some of these extraordinary instruments to Europe.

As a recipient of the "Son of Light" award, a prestigious accolade in Asia, he was bestowed with this gift in gratitude for his tireless work in aiding children and people in Nepal.

Since then, he has been working with these high-frequency singing instruments, utilizing their effects for the benefit of people and nature.

Upon request or inquiry, Markus Pio provides instruction on the use and handling of these special and unique singing bowls. 

Corona/Anti Virus Bowls


After the COVID-19 pandemic, special singing bowls were developed in Nepal, which emit healing vibrations to alleviate Long Covid symptoms.

The so-called "Corona bowls" can be purchased from Markus Pio, depending on availability. 

Crafted from two different metals using ancient knowledge from Tibet, Nepal, and India, instruction on their usage is provided.