group treatment with singing bowls


 with Markus Pio Löffler


You can expect an energetically pure and positively charged space where you can comfortably relax with other participants.

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement.
Feel free to bring warm socks if needed. 

Markus Pio will take you on an extraordinary sound journey, during which the entire organism will be cleansed, stimulated, and energetically charged, through skilled energy manipulation and sound. 

Depending on the participants, the sound bath varies and is specifically tailored to the individuals present in the room. 

The fine energy and sound waves penetrating down to the cellular level activate your health from the inside out and restore the natural cycles.

At the end of the sound experience, you have the opportunity for an energy analysis in a brief one-on-one conversation.

 Please note that a sound bath is not recommended for pregnant women and individuals with a pacemaker. For their safety and well-being, we kindly ask that they refrain from attending. 

Price per Person

Per person the price is 90 Euros.

Location | dates | Duration

Please refer to the reservation link, where the exact dates and locations are shown.
Normally the duration of the sound bath is about 2 hours with an optional personal brief one-on-on conversation to Markus Pio Löffler.