"Everything is vibration." 

Every object or living being has a certain frequency. Even our thoughts, feelings, and subconscious send out a particular vibration into the universe, shaping our experiences and realities. 

Positive vibrations foster positivity, while negative vibrations attract negativity.

All living beings are surrounded by intricate energy fields and elements.

Through his profound understanding of energy manipulation and his deep connection to the natural elements, Markus Pio possesses the ability to cleanse, restore cellular cycles, and bring about healthy harmony in body, spirit, and soul.

By utilizing master singing bowls alongside spiritual energy work, the soothing vibrations penetrate deeply into all levels of the body and cells, restoring the natural flow of energy and setting all cycles in motion again.


What to expect during a sound bath

  • When you participate in a sound bath, it takes place either outdoors or in specially designed spaces. 
  • The environment is energetically cleansed and charged in advance by Markus Pio.
  • Upon entering such a prepared field, you immediately feel a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Even in a state of rest, the singing bowls and sound instruments constantly emit high-frequency waves, which can already initiate healing processes.
  • Sound baths are offered by Markus Pio for groups and are always unique. Each session is played entirely individually. 
  • The sounds and spiritual energy manipulation by Markus Pio cleanse, invigorate, strengthen, and balance. 
  • The fine sound waves acting on your cells activate your health from the inside out and ensure sustainable well-being and relaxation.

Afterwards, you have the opportunity for a brief one-on-one session with Markus Pio to energetically assess you personally and receive some viable guidance for a more conscious way of living. 

Registration for the Sound Bath

In the overview you will find all the dates for the upcoming sound baths. Please choose your date, register and enjoy the experience!